Village Of Hope & Farm, Bulale Tanzania

Tanzania, like many African countries, faces some big food challenges in the future. A current population of over 50 million is expected to increase to 134 million people by 2050. Global warming may cause severe food shortages and this beautiful country could be faced with a challenge to feed its population.

Rice Farming (1)
Rice Planting

For the past few years we been looking to get involved in a project that could increase the quality of life for people in Africa. It is easy living in Canada to take for granted all that we have from homes, cars, clothing, food and education. An opportunity has presented itself to us in Tanzania. A new Village of Hope (Bulale) is in its initial phase of construction and plans to open to students in January 2018.

Bulale (1)
Entrance to Village of Hope Bulale

A few hundred metres from the Village of Hope complex is their 70+ acre farm that has been under utilized but has great potential. This is our short exploratory trip to view the facilities and see if we can contribute to the development of the farm. We would like to spend time here each winter helping out at the farm.

Planting Corn

The future direction of the farm is in it’s initial phase but some goals would include meeting the food needs of the Village Of Hope, increasing the production of the farm to generate income and to provide agricultural training for the surrounding community. Hopefully our nearly 25 years in business will help us contribute, in some small way, to the success of the project.

Planting (2)

Farm (1)

It is our desire that some of you reading this post will take the time to investigate the Village of Hope website and decide to sponsor a child or contribute financially to one of their great programs.


2 thoughts on “Village Of Hope & Farm, Bulale Tanzania

  1. Hi. This is Aunty Lil to Tricia and missionary colleague to Allan Carlson. So glad to see you there. I was at that farm in 2006 with Ron Posein who was the founder of Starehe Children’s Home now part of the Village of Hope complexes. I think you have found a great project to go along with your business. I’m sure there is lots more to be done at the farm. Ron had some great ideas and of course one of them was feeding the children at the farm. Last night I was at a church in Mississauga to one of their presentations. It was great (sat with Murray and Cindy). Bullard was mentioned as one of them…not a name I was familiar with the same place. I’m a little confused. Are there children there now? There were were when I was there in 2006. And I’m wondering if you have been at the Bible College in Mwanza? It is a great place to live I understand with the lake close by. Anyway, God bless you as you explore further and I trust it will all work out.

    Love from Peter and Lil (Cornelius) Warkentin.


    1. It is a fantastic organization and we look forward to seeing what the future holds. I am not familiar with the name Bullard either. Village of Hope Mwanza has children – about 85 who live on-site and 200+ who attend school. Village of Hope Bulale is a new project and will be opening in January 2018.


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