Hoped To See A Leopard But Got Much More

Growing up in Africa, Tricia has been in about 20 game parks but had never seen a leopard. They are largely nocturnal and very elusive. She told Vincent, our guide from Exotic Expeditions, that she wanted him to find her a leopard today. Well, it was our lucky day as we came across a leopard. High in a large rock outcropping you could see some movement behind the trees. It was difficult to tell it was a leopard but Vincent said he could see it. Patience and luck are the keys to wildlife photography – and a big telephoto lens! After about 30 minutes, the leopard came out from the brush and appeared ready to have a few photos taken.


Leopard (3)

Leopard (10)

We were thrilled to see such a majestic animal. However, it seemed a bit odd that a nocturnal cat was active during the day. Usually they find a nice shaded tree to sleep in and avoid the heat. Then it became clear – she had company. Her small cub also came out to get it’s picture taken as well. Although difficult to photograph at approximately 50 metres away we were able to capture a few good pictures.

Leopard (6)

Leopard (8)

Leopard (4)

Leopard (9) vertical crop

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