Beautiful Alaska

This was our 1st trip to Alaska and it was gorgeous!  We booked with Big Fish Expeditions which planned out our complete itinerary once we arrived in Valdez. Our adventure started with a 2 1/2 hour boat ride from Valdez to Port Fidalgo Inlet in Prince William Sound.

Our home base was Raven Croft Lodge which is a fishing lodge only accessible by boat.  The lodge’s isolation only adds to its allure and Boone, the owner, made sure we had an amazing time.

Our primary purpose of this trip was to have the chance to see Salmon Sharks but there were lots of other great photo ops such as:

Eagles –

Orcas – on our last evening we went across the bay to find salmon and came across a pod of Orcas.  We were closer than it looks from the photos as we both had our cameras in the underwater housings with wide angle lenses.

Jelly Blooms – we came across numerous jelly blooms which was definitely a unique experience.  Some of the blooms extended from the surface down to more than 100′!

Beautiful Scenery in the bay of Port Fidalgo –

Last, but certainly not least, we had a few brief encounters with some salmon sharks.  Thanks to Boone & Emily, we found them!  Salmon sharks are endangered and extremely rare to find.  We count ourselves fortunate to be in a very small number of people worldwide who have had the chance to photograph them.

Salmon Shark (2)-EditSalmon Shark (1)-Edit

This is a trip we would be happy to repeat in the future.

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